Mount Royal University’s Information Design Program

Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.

-Edward Tufte

The Information Design program was launched nearly ten years ago and over this past decade, we have witnessed how this program and its students are transformed. We have embraced the way our students engage with the world; they care deeply about making positive change and making sense of things that matter to them. Students have had the opportunity to take on real world, ‘wicked’ challenges in the Humanly Capstone course, advance their professional learning through summer internships, and evolve their design, writing, interaction, and data translation abilities as a result of their classes over the course of their time at Mount Royal University.

Ultimately, our students have developed tenacious problem-solving capacities and rigorous creative practices that lend themselves to the responsibility that they have as Information Designers: to make the complex clear and accessible for people, enabling understanding, empathy and action.

You can find more information on the Mount Royal University Information Design program here: mtroyalinfodesign.ca

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