Eman Elkadri

“Race Issues” Race Issues is a relatable comic meme series created as a way of expressing the overlooked yet extremely common ways that people of colour are treated in a variety of social [...]

Emma Rosenberg

How might we encourage homeless individuals living in Calgary to move towards a more stable life through community initiatives and involvement? This piece was the result of a research project on [...]

Tim Wong

Summer Magazine A magazine created for Calgarians for them to find the most exciting things to do and places to go in the summer.  

Yves Flores

Okonomiyaki Yamaki, Missed Connections, and Hachi Roku These are three pieces that I really enjoyed creating. Okonomiyaki Yamaki and Missed Connections are a mix of print and digital design [...]

Elle Griffin

Wilde Information Design Agency We are an information design agency based out of Calgary, Alberta. We are the only information design agency in Canada, which means that students graduating from [...]

Tyson Leaf

Lifepath UI This piece was part of the culmination of a semester-long research project into a local problem that we identified with. I chose to provide a site for young working adults to gain a [...]