Capturing the Structure of a Story

As an assignment, we were to chose movies to create data visualization about. The data visualizations were also to capture the essence and structure of the story of the movie. This project was definitely like giving birth to a human. Maybe. Probably not. But the movie I chose was “Into the Woods” which is a film adaptation of a stage production and it was a musical. To begin the process, I conducted exhaustive analysis of the actual content of the movie (watching it 10 times and gathering data of repeating elements) and then contemplating the data for hours and hours and hours to try and figure out the story the data was trying to telling. This story, Into the Woods, is a classic and riddled with analogy, and I wanted to do it justice. To find the patterns inside of the story was one thing, adding visual language  was a whole other challenge. Comparatively, I’ve still not put in as many behind the scenes hours on project to date.




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